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With over three decades of experience in both national and same day European courier delivery or next day business courier services, we have a wealth of knowledge to handle all of your queries.

PROcourier european courier service


The Request:

We received an enquiry from a client looking for oil and gas courier services at approximately 3.30pm Monday 24th April 2017. The client needed a door to door courier service able to deliver parts urgently to the Stagno Province of Livorno in Italy, by lunchtime on Thursday 27th April. Specialising in both national and international time sensitive courier services, we knew this would be achievable and were confident that we could provide the perfect courier for the job, from our network of over 2,000 vetted and expert members.

The client was looking for urgent international delivery of two oil pigs. For clients working within the oil industry, since risks are fairly high it is absolutely imperative that all safety procedures are carried out prior to going ahead with any set task. The oil pigs are inserted into large oil pipes and are shot through them with compressed air, in order to clean the pipes.

Without the oil pigs making it on site by the specified deadline, time sensitive projects would have been pushed back, causing hold-ups down the line; it was essential that the pigs made it to their destination on time to ensure that all proceedings were safe, that the risks of hazards arising decreased and that there were no hold-ups for teams further on in the process.


The Collection:

To ensure a smooth delivery, avoid mix ups and to avoid damage to consignment contents during transit, we always request the items are properly wrapped and sealed, with the recipient’s name and address clearly marked to ensure the transition can proceed without hiccups.

Following the initial enquiry on the Monday evening, we organised the most appropriate courier, who collected the palette at 7.00am sharp on Tuesday morning, to ensure that it made its way to Italy by the requested delivery date of the 27th April.


The Journey:

The pigs were delivered by direct land vehicle to the Stagno Province of Livorno. We took the most efficient and direct route to ensure that we made delivery of the pallet on time, travelling south to London and making a speedy trip through the Eurotunnel, landing us in France. From here, we departed sharpish and made our way through France to Italy, arriving in the Stagno Province of Livorno by 12.30pm on the 27th April 2017.


The Delivery:

As agreed, the items were delivered by 12.30 prompt on the 27th April 2017, enabling the client to efficiently and safely continue operations without any delay or downtime.

If you are looking for same day European courier services, we’d encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible so that we can put plans in place on your behalf to ensure that your parts make their way across Europe to their designated destination by your deadline.

We work with an array of industries, also providing exhibition courier services, medical courier services, passports courier services, aircraft courier services, tenders courier services, and much more. Check out our courier services page to see just what we can do for you.

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