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Veterinary Couriers in the UK

Veterinary Samples Courier

Veterinary practitioners work in an environment where the urgent collection and delivery of samples to laboratories or centres of excellence can be of vital importance to the health of valuable bloodstock. PROcourier will provide a veterinary courier directly to your field location to collect samples, ensuring the fastest delivery to the desired destination.

Whether you need a same day delivery from Birmingham to Gateshead, a same day courier from Marden to Spalding or a secure same day delivery from Rainham to Lutterworth, PROcourier can provide the right vehicle to meet your specific requirements.

Veterinary courier

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Horse Semen Courier

PROcourier will supply you with a courier to arrive at your requested time to collect the sealed packed frozen or fresh sample and any necessary authentication papers. The courier will drive directly to the destination via the quickest route without stopping for any other deliveries. Direct delivery is the surest way of minimising delivery time whilst maximising semen potency. Our courier will confirm the time and signature of the delivery by phone or text if required. We will also provide you with written proof of delivery, signature and the time delivered either by text, email or post. Horse semen couriers are available, pre-booked, for any time of the day or night.

Bull Semen Courier

As with horse semen, your courier will arrive to your timing and collect the sealed packed sample and any necessary papers of authentication. This is a dedicated veterinary courier delivery and hence goes directly to the destination, never as part of a multi-drop delivery. This guarantees the minimum time in transit and the highest fertility success rates. PROcourier will confirm the time and signature of the delivery by text, or email. We will also provide you with written proof of delivery, signature and the time delivered either by email or post. Our bull semen courier service is available 24/7, pre-booked for anytime of the day or night.

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PROcourier has a first class reputation offering an unrivalled client service and customer satisfaction.

Alternatively you can email us at enquiries@procourier.co.uk. Payment is simple, and there is no need to open an account – all major debit and credit cards accepted. A full VAT invoice will be issued together with proof of delivery. We will email the invoice and proof of delivery to you as a .pdf document if you prefer it that way

As a supplier of repair systems to the oil and gas pipeline industry we use PROcourier to deliver our repair kits to refineries and power stations throughout the UK. We have found their service first class and would thoroughly recommend.
Ms C D, County Durham

Fantastic service. Painting collected from Sotheby’s, delivered in excellent condition and spot on time, such a relief! Really appreciate all of your help. Thanks again.
Samantha, P.A., London

Unbelievably efficient delivery, so rare these days to have such great service. Thanks again guys.
Mr P S, Contract Manager, Yorks.

Always at the end of a phone when we need them, 24/7!
E.C.F. Limited, North Tyneside

A professional responsive company, would definitely recommend.
Mr B F, Director, Carlisle

Fantastic service, thanks again.
Andy P, Portsmouth

As an arbitrator involved in major litigation cases in the building industry, we value the relationship we have with PROcourier to deliver our legal documents nationally, reliably, on time.
Miss P S, London SW1

Another brilliant job, can’t thank you enough for getting us out of a sticky situation!
James, Logistics Manager, West Lothian

Fantastic service! Have circulated your details around the office. Thanks again.
W, W & F, Worcester

We use PROcourier on a regular basis for Tender documents and whether it’s overnight to London for a 9am delivery or Scotland to Scotland same day, they have performed a commendable service with excellent communication.
B McK, Glasgow

Pulled out all the stops for me, over and above. Brilliant!
John P, Plymouth

First class service, will be in touch about our future deliveries. Thanks so much.
T S Limited Perthshire

Thanks so much for your excellent service. We have also passed your details on to our client we were so impressed.
D & B, Herts

Our audio-visual equipment needs special care in transit and PROcourier have met all of our criteria. We book them early for all of our conferences just to be on the safe side. Book and forget, then it all arrives on time and in perfect condition. Couldn’t be better for us!
Mr T K, Birmingham