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Terms and Conditions

Durham Light Haulage Limited T/A PROcourier: Registered in England & Wales No. 11380585
Registered Office: Kings Hall, 4 Imperial Buildings, Houghton le Spring, DH4 4DJ. Postal Address: 14 Cliffords Gate, Esh Winning, Durham, DH7 9LX.
Landline: 0191 373 5239

  1. In these “Terms and Conditions of Carriage”:-
    (i) PROcourier, unless otherwise stated means anybody employed by, or subcontracted
    to PROcourier for the purpose of carriage of goods on behalf of PROcourier.
    (ii) The Customer means the person who contracts for the services of PROcourier.
  2. Any business undertaken by PROcourier or any information, advice or service supplied by PROcourier is undertaken or provided subject to these terms and conditions which shall constitute the terms of any contract between PROcourier and the Customer.
  3. PROcourier is not a common carrier and will only carry goods on these conditions.
  4. These terms and conditions cannot be changed or varied unless by the owners of PROcourier. These Terms and Conditions apply from the time of acceptance of the Customer’s order by PROcourier.
  5. Customers entering transactions of any kind with PROcourier will warrant that they are either the owners or authorised agents for the owners of the goods. Further that they accept these conditions, not only for themselves, but also as agents for and on behalf of all other persons who are or may also become ,interested in the goods.
  6. Any instructions accepted by PROcourier will, at the absolute discretion of PROcourier, be carried out in whole or part by PROcourier, or a sub contracted agent, if the circumstances are deemed suitable.
  7. Subject to express instructions agreed between the Customer and PROcourier, PROcourier reserves right to determine the travelling route and procedure together with the matters of handling and storage of goods. Furt..hermore, PROcourier reserves the right to deviate from the Customer’s instructions if it is deemed appropriate or necessary.
  8. The customer is responsible for accurate labelling of goods including the provision of the goods delivery address and the senders address together with any notice that goods are fragile and/or have special handling requirements.
  9. All offers or quotations by PROcourier shall remain valid for a period of 24 hours for same day and 7 days for pre-booked work, unless withdrawn by PROcourier within that time.
  10. Where charges remain outstanding for 28 days after the invoice date, PROcourier will be entitled to interest at 8% above the official dealing rate of the Bank of England for the time being calculated on a daily basis on all amounts overdue to PROcourier. The same charges shall apply immediately to any returned {bounced) cheques which must then be cleared by a secure Credit Card transaction.
  11. (i) All Couriers are sub contracted, and hence any claim for loss, damage to goods, non delivery or wrong delivery must be lodged against the individual Courier’s insurance and not to PROcourier. Full copies of the Couriers Insurance papers may be viewed at the PROcourier offices.
    (ii} PROcourier shall only be responsible for loss or damage to goods, non-delivery, or wrong delivery, if the cause is proved as negligence or the default of PROcourier.
    (iii) PROcourler will make every reasonable effort to comply by Customers’ requirements and to satisfy any agreement between the Customer and PROcourier.
    (iv) It shall be the responsibility of the customer to satisfy him/herself that the vehicle offered to carry the goods is suitable for their load. PROcourier will not accept liability whatsoever for any claim arising from any claimed unsuitability of the vehicle offered.
    (v) PROcourier will not accept any liability whatsoever for any delay to goods, where the delay is of any other cause than the negligence of PROcourier.
    (vi) PROcourier shall not be liable-for any detention or consequential loss, damage, or deterioration arising except where the owner or their agents have given specific notice in writing to PROcourier outlining the nature of the goods to be carried, their purpose for transit, and an agreed time schedule for delivery. Such liability by PROcourier shall only be accepted if the cause for detention, and its consequential loss damage or deterioration was as a direct result of negligence by PROcourier or its agents or subcontractors.
    (vii) PROcourier will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by improper or insufficient labelling or addressing.
  12. (i) As PROcourier is unable to assess the value of the goods to be carried prior to their collection, PROcourier will assess the value of the goods to be a maximum of £1,000, unless stated specifically by the Customer.
    {ii) PROcourier’s maximum liability is limited to £1000 per delivery.
    (ii) PROcourier Couriers insure to a maximum value of £20,000 per delivery via their own Goods in Transit Insurance. If the value of the goods to be carried is to be greater than £10,000, the customer must either notify PROcourier in good time to provide a Courier with additional adequate insurance cover, or it will be assumed that he/she has otherwise insured the goods separately and hence any liability or claims will revert to the Customer or their agent.
  13. Any claim against PROcourier must be lodged in writing with PROcourier within 7 days of the delivery occurring and a quantified claim lodged in writing within 28 days.
  14. Except by special arrangement in writing, PROcourier will not accept, handle or deal with any noxious, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive goods, or any goods likely to cause damage. Should the customer, {knowingly or unknowingly) prepare any such goods for transit, or cause handling, or any other dealing by PROcourier, then PROcourier shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or detention of such goods nor from any resultant claims against persons or property that results. All such liability and claims will revert to the customer or their agent.
  15. Except by special arrangement in writing, PROcourier will not accept for transit or deal with bullion, precious stones, jewellery, valuables, antiques, livestock, animals, reptiles, or plants. Should a Customer deliver any such goods for carriage by PROcourier, without declaring them, PROcourier shall not be liable for any consequent loss, damage, deterioration or liability arising.
  16. PROcourier will not deal with, handle, or transit any form of illegal drugs, stolen goods, or products from endangered species. Should it come to the notice of PROcourier that any such goods be placed in our hands, they will immediately be handed to the Authorities. PROcourier will also hand over the customer’s names for the matter to be handled by the Authorities in the due course of the law. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS ClAUSE AND PROcourier WILL ~.JOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY FOR THE INADVERTENT HANDLING OR CARRIAGE OF SUCH ITEMS.
  17. Waiting Time – If one of our couriers has to wait for collection after the agreed collection time, we will charge waiting time.
  18. These terms and conditions shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English law and any proceedings in relation thereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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PROcourier has a first class reputation offering an unrivalled client service and customer satisfaction.

Alternatively you can email us at enquiries@procourier.co.uk. Payment is simple, and there is no need to open an account – all major debit and credit cards accepted. A full VAT invoice will be issued together with proof of delivery. We will email the invoice and proof of delivery to you as a .pdf document if you prefer it that way

As a supplier of repair systems to the oil and gas pipeline industry we use PROcourier to deliver our repair kits to refineries and power stations throughout the UK. We have found their service first class and would thoroughly recommend.
Ms C D, County Durham

Fantastic service. Painting collected from Sotheby’s, delivered in excellent condition and spot on time, such a relief! Really appreciate all of your help. Thanks again.
Samantha, P.A., London

Unbelievably efficient delivery, so rare these days to have such great service. Thanks again guys.
Mr P S, Contract Manager, Yorks.

Always at the end of a phone when we need them, 24/7!
E.C.F. Limited, North Tyneside

A professional responsive company, would definitely recommend.
Mr B F, Director, Carlisle

Fantastic service, thanks again.
Andy P, Portsmouth

As an arbitrator involved in major litigation cases in the building industry, we value the relationship we have with PROcourier to deliver our legal documents nationally, reliably, on time.
Miss P S, London SW1

Another brilliant job, can’t thank you enough for getting us out of a sticky situation!
James, Logistics Manager, West Lothian

Fantastic service! Have circulated your details around the office. Thanks again.
W, W & F, Worcester

We use PROcourier on a regular basis for Tender documents and whether it’s overnight to London for a 9am delivery or Scotland to Scotland same day, they have performed a commendable service with excellent communication.
B McK, Glasgow

Pulled out all the stops for me, over and above. Brilliant!
John P, Plymouth

First class service, will be in touch about our future deliveries. Thanks so much.
T S Limited Perthshire

Thanks so much for your excellent service. We have also passed your details on to our client we were so impressed.
D & B, Herts

Our audio-visual equipment needs special care in transit and PROcourier have met all of our criteria. We book them early for all of our conferences just to be on the safe side. Book and forget, then it all arrives on time and in perfect condition. Couldn’t be better for us!
Mr T K, Birmingham