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What Do We Offer?

PROcourier offer a premium service and has built up a stellar reputation for its same day courier collection and delivery services due to amazing customer satisfaction.

We make it possible for you to deliver anywhere and anytime due to our 24 hour courier services, even when you’re stuck in a time-critical situation. We’re able to provide our dedicated same day courier delivery services at any time of day due to our extensive network of over 2,000 specialist and fully vetted couriers throughout the UK. Having such an extensive array of dependable couriers means that we can virtually guarantee that we can be with you for collection within 60 minutes of completing your booking.

We offer specialist ‘track stopper’ services for industries that depend on punctual deliveries to avoid production hold ups or delays in projects, such as for the oil and gas industry or in car plant production.

Our company ethos is to always give our clients the service that we would deserve ourselves, so we will always be as flexible as possible to your requirements and do our utmost to get your consignment to the designated location exactly on time.

We work with anyone from individual clients, to government and local authorities, to small or large business, professionals or educational establishments. We always aim to be an all-encompassing business and there’s very little that we are incapable of.


Where Do We Deliver To?

We offer our professional same day courier services nationwide, from Aberdeen to Darlington, to Milton Keynes, Preston, Washington, York and just about anywhere in between. You can browse our services page here to view the full list of locations.

The information that we’ll need you to have readily available so that we can provide you with a quote is the collection and delivery postcodes, and a quick description of what needs collecting (an approximate weight is also appreciated)! The reason we ask this is so that we can ensure we send the right style and size of courier van suitable for your consignment.

We’re only unable to delivery to 3 locations which are Jersey, Guernsey and the Channel Islands.


Is There Anything We Don’t Do?

A frequent request that we receive is whether or not we carry eBay items. As we are a dedicated vehicle same day courier service, in most cases it would not be cost effective for us to use dedicated couriers for eBay parcels.

We’re unable to carry any items that are not compliant comply with the ADR European Standards. Prohibited items are:

  • Explosives
  • Flammable solids/ liquids
  • Gases
  • Oxidising substances
  • Toxic materials
  • Materials hazardous to the environment
  • Corrosive substances

To find out more about what can and cannot be classified as compliant with ADR European Standards, click here.


Please get in touch with us at enquiries@procourier.co.uk or call us: 01388 606 644 or 0800 44 88 891 if you are in need of dedicated same day courier delivery services and let us know the details of  your consignment. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form here and one of our team will be in touch!

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